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Division with Money

Like every other operation with money, division with money is a good introduction to dividing with decimals. The problems tend to be simple, but the decimal rules remain the same:

  • Divide as usual.
  • Make sure to line up answers and the dividend correctly.
  • Bring the decimal up from the dividend into the answer.


$25.25 \div 5 = $

Write in "house" format (see lessons on Division (with remainders) or Division with decimals in the dividend for more).



Divide the divisor into the dividend, digit by digit, writing the answer digit above the last digit of the portion of the dividend divided into.

$$\eqalign{&\;\; 5.05\\5)\!&\overline{25.25}\\ - & \underline{25}\\& \; \;02\\&\;\underline{-0}\\ & \;\;\;\; 25\\&\;\;\underline{-25}\\&\;\;\;\;\;\; 0}$$

When working with money, the decimal is almost always going to land two digits into the number, but the process of lining numbers correctly and bringing the decimal up is practice.

Practice Problems:

  • Division with Money

    Find the quotients:

    1. \$$4.56\div3=$
    2. \$$94.15\div5=$
    3. \$$12.30\div.10=$
    4. \$$36.90\div6=$
    5. You have $75.24.  You have to split it with one other person.  How much do you each get?
    6. You and your siblings receive \$56.01 dollars. If you and your 2 siblings split the money evenly, how much do each of you get?
    7. 12 donuts cost \$7.92.  How much does each donut cost?
    8. You have \$12.30. You go to the bank and turn it all into nickels. How many nickels do you get?

    Answer Key: