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Integer Word Problems: Addition and Subtraction

Although integers can be really tricky, integer word problems seem a bit easier, because they really highlight the fact that adding and subtracting integers is just adding and subtracting, sometimes with a twist. 

When you do word problems, sometimes it's easier to use positive and negative signs on your numbers.  Other times it's easier to just add or subtract positive numbers.  Try to think about the problems logically and do the operations that make the most sense (there are several ways to execute most of the problems below.  But, there's only one correct answer).

Practice Problems:

  • Integer Word Problems: Addition and Subtraction

    Find the answers to the following word problems:

    1. You deposit 42 in a bank account.  Then you withdraw 38 dollars.  How much money do you have in the bank?
    2. You deposit 30 dollars in a bank account.  You withdraw 47 dollars (and the bank allows you to overdraft).  Then you deposit 100 dollars.  How much do you have in the bank now?
    3. When you wake up, it's -2 degrees outside.  By noon, the temperature rises by 18 degrees.  But then it drops 7 degrees.  By the end of the day, what is the temperature outside?
    4. You are playing a game with your friends.  You all start out with 10 points.  When you lose a round you lose 5 points.  When you win a round you win 8 points.  When you tie, you win 2 points.  If you lose 3 times, tie once, lose again, and then win, how many points do you have?
    5. Over a course of a week, the high temperatures are: 21, 15, -6, -1, 0, 10, and -5.  What was the average temperature for the week?
    6. The water level in a resevoir changes over the year. The county measures the level every quarter.  In March, the water in the resevoir was 10 feet deep.  By June the level had dropped by 4 feet.  But September the level had dropped abother 5 feet.  In December, it was had gone up 4 feet.  What was the water level in the reservoir in December?
    7. On a winter day in Chicago, the temperature was 12 degrees.  But the windchill factor made the temperature feel 30 degrees lower.  If you walked outside on that day, what did the temperature feel like?
    8. You want to buy an ice cream, so you borrow \$2 from your friend.  Then you want to buy a book, so you borrow \$7 from your mom.  Your grandma gives you \$5 for Valentines day.  You get another \$1 for losing a tooth. Then you want to go to the movies for \$6.  Do you have enough money to go or do you need to borrow some?  And if you need to borrow some, how much do you need to borrow?