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Convert Decimals to Fractions

It's relatively easy to convert decimals to fractions, as long as you can name your decimals. (Read this lesson to review naming decimals).

Once you can name a decimal, using its pace value, you use that same place value to create a fraction. 


What is .3 as a fraction?

How do you read that decimal? Three tenths. 

How do you write three tenths as a fraction? $dfrac{3}{10}$

Just read the decimal and put the place value as the denominator, them simplify if necessary):

$.2 = \dfrac{2}{10}=\dfrac{1}{5}$

$.32 = \dfrac{32}{100}=\dfrac{8}{25}$

$.75 = \dfrac{75}{100}=\dfrac{3}{4}$

$.362 = \dfrac{362}{1000}=\dfrac{181}{500}$

$1.22 = 1\dfrac{22}{100}=1\dfrac{11}{50}$

$2.6 = 2\dfrac{6}{10}=2\dfrac{3}{5}$

If you can read the decimal, you can write the fraction.  Try it!

Practice Problems: