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ComputerBoost!: Coding & Web Design

We all know that computing is the future. And, we know that our kids love games and screens.  So, how do we teach our kids to be the folks behind those wonderful games and screens?

ComputerBoost! is a great place to start.

Computer programming requires three main skills:

1) The ability to think through a problem and break it down into logical steps.

2) The ability to translate those steps into programming concepts (variables, loops, if-then statements).

3) Knowledge of a programming language to turn those concepts into concrete programs.

We start with Python, a basic, fairly universal programming language (and the first language taught in MIT\'s computer science program!). 

Have your students join us for this fun, hands-on, experimental class, where all students will learn the basics of programming and get to push their programs and games as far as their imaginations allow.  We start with basic logic programs (riddles, mad libs, card games) and graphic programs (we use Python's version of LOGO).

Upon graduation from ComputerBoost! we expect students will want to continue programming with Python at home and be inspired to start learning some programming languages as well.

Each class will begin with a lesson, in which we talk about a new aspect or programming, followed by an activity in which students need to execute a particular assignment to show that they have mastered the assignment.  Once they have mastered the day\'s lessons, students will work on their master project, ideally incorporating new ideas from each lesson into their final program.  

Because typing is such a critical part of programming, we will do a little touch-typing practice each day and students will all have their own accounts to use at home and track their progress. 

And, because it's more fun to build games when we can share them, we\'ll also work on basic webpage design, in which students can build and personalize their own web sites and use them (if they want) to make their games public facing. 


Camp Dates:
Can read/write/do addition/subtraction
Grades (refer to the grade your child will enter in the Fall):