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Algebra is the foundation of most high school math, a core part of the ISEE, PSAT, and SAT, and a critical part of the high school exit exam.  In other words: students need to master algebra.

And yet, many students struggle with this critical subject!  Whether you want to prepare a student who will take algebra next year, review for a student who finished algebra but doesn't remember everything, or help a student who is repeating algebra get a step ahead, Algebra Boost! is a great way to spend a week this summer.

This camp teaches students the material typically covered in the first semester of Algebra I (which the material in the second semester of Algebra I and all of Algebra II builds on). The camp will mostly cover concepts in linear algebra: expressions and equations, one-step and multi-step equations, simple and compound inequalities, graphing equations and inequalities, and solving and graphing absolute value equations and inequalities.

This week-long algebra intensive camp will provide students with a solid background in basic linear algebra which will give them a step up for Algebra I, Algebra II, PSAT, SAT, or ISEE (it covers almost all of the algebra in the middle and upper ISEE and over half of the algebra covered in the SAT).


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