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Algebra II Boost!

AlgebraBoost! II  is designed for students entering Algebra II in the fall. Like AlgebraBoost! and GeometryBoost! students will review/learn the major skills from the first semester of the course (Algebra II). This is a great camp to get a leg up on this difficult math course. Algebra II is the math course where even students who really get math really start to struggle.

We will start with an overall review of Algebra I since most students will have taken Geometry last year and forgotten some critical pieces of algebra . Then, we'll cover computation with polynomials, systems of equations (including ones with three variables), piece-wise defined graphs, multiple parent functions and how to transform them (from lines and parabolas to exponential and logarithmic graphs), conics, and exponents and logs.  Throughout the course we'll add in other critical concepts (such as word problems) and push the students to think about ways to solve related SAT problems.


Camp Dates:
Algebra I (in school or EdBoost camp)