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Fraction/DecimalBoost + Forensic Science

Most elementary school students master computation with whole numbers -- but many struggle with fractions and decimals. The processes are similar; the basic skills are the same.  And yet, almost every middle school student we see at EdBoost needs to go back to 4th and 5th grade math material and relearn how to compute with fractions and decimals.

So, do two years' worth of review in a week!

This camp spends its mornings focusing on the details of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with fractions and decimals.  When do you line up the decimal?  When do you need a common denominator?  When can you cross-cancel?  How can you figure fraction and decimal problems as efficiently as possible? We will answer these questions and more!  Students will do enough practice that they will find it hard to FORGET how to do these operations.  And we\'ll throw in enough games and competition that the morning will fly by.

Then, after lunch, we will explore forensic science!  Apparently, there's been a murder at EdBoost!  Students will employ a range of forensic science techniques (including fingerprint collection and analysis, blood sample collection and analysis, fiber collection and analysis, projectile trajectory analysis) and build and study a case history in order to solve the murder mystery by the end of the week.  Will our amateur investigators make the streets of Palms safe again?

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