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Test Prep Tutoring

EdBoost offers test prep for all major standardized admissions exams (ISEE, HSPT, SAT, ACT, AP exams).  All test prep tutoring is administered individually and preceded by a free diagnostic that we use to pinpoint students' strengths and weaknesses, choose an appropriate tutor, and develop a student-specific tutoring plan.

Tutoring plans are designed to cover basic test taking strategies. The number of sessions recommended increases when students need to work on academic skills (e.g., improve math skills) or when students find some aspect of the test especially challenging. 

EdBoost tutors approach test preparation in two ways.  First, all tutors teach students how to "think like a test-writer," helping students to choose the answers that the test is looking for.  Tutors also teach shortcuts (e.g., when to use answer choices to solve a problem), which problems to skip, and how to avoid typical test tricks.  Second, tutors take a strong "skills" approach to test prep.  At EdBoost, we believe that many of the skills required on tests are the same skills required to succeed in high school and college, so we are committed to helping students master the academic skills assessed by the standardized tests.