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MythologyBoost! and Hands-on History (Focus on Greek Mythology)

The best part about learning to read is gaining the ability to explore a wide range of stories -- but when you're a beginning reader, the most interesting books are still too difficult and the books that you can read (and get through) tend to be too silly or babyish.  Focusing on mythology from around the world, our campers will get to experience a range of great stories, with a full cast of interesting characters and exciting (sometime wild!) plots.  In the process, we\'ll explore the cultures that the stories come from and why different locations, cultures, and histories might lead to different types of stories. Once we have a good number of stories under our belts, we'll also try writing some myths and fables of our own, teaching lessons that are relevant in today's world!

In the afternoons, we'll get our hands a bit more dirty as we do some hands-on history.  We will explore projects and crafts from other cultures.


Camp Dates:
Can read/write (basic)
Grades (refer to the grade your child will enter in the Fall):