Advanced Computation + Hands-on Physics!

One of the key struggles of the upper elementary grades is mastering advanced computation, including long multiplication and long division.  Students know HOW these processes work, but many struggle to master them, which leads to incorrect answers in pre-algebra and algebra.  And, although most adults will bust out a calculator for long division problems, the SAT now contains a no-calculator section, so every high school student should be proficient in doing math by hand. 

This camp spends its mornings focusing on the details of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with whole numbers.  Students should be able to understand how all of these processes work and be able to deploy the correct algorithms to get accurate answers efficiently.  With some review and practice -- the focus on our mornings -- every student should leave this camp feeling ready to tackle middle and high school math. 

Then, we'll spend the afternoons exploring physics and engineering.  Each day, we'll do a new project: We start with magnets and build electo-magnets.  Then, we build circuits, motors, motorized vehicles, our own batteries and our own lightbulb (from scratch! no kits or pre-fab materials!).  To explore the engineering side of physics we'll build some bridges and experiment with hydraulics, levers, and other simple machines to create our own "automated" machines.

And, they'll have the math skills they need to dream big about becoming engineers and scientists themselves!

Know times tables
$350 (Scholarships available)
9 am - 3 pm (Monday - Friday)
Monday, July 22, 2019 to Friday, July 26, 2019