BuildBoost! Hands-on Physics, Engineering, and Math

Physics is sometimes called the philosophy of science.  It's abstract and mathematical and hard for a lot of people. But the concepts behind physics (force, acceleration, friction, etc.) are the forces that make our everyday world work (or fall in on itself). 

This course will teach students to use math, physics, geometry, and engineering concepts to build structures and machines, from bridges to cranes.  Designs will be created based on scientific and mathematical models.  As they create, students will build their math skills and their understanding of how and why to use formulae as they apply concepts and ideas with their hands and basic materials.

The class is designed so that the math work will be great practice for math skills: basic equations, proportions and conversions, word problems,  applied math, and geometry, while the "building" part is fun and real-world (some bridges will stand, and others will fall!). Who will build the best pod to protect his or her egg? And, can you make a pulley system so you can easily carry a 100lbs of weight?

Engineering and science are fun, but they take thought and planning and math. With this course, all aspects will be fun -- and challenging -- and we hope all students will leave with a greater understanding of applied math and science, and a greater appreciation of the structures and machines in their world.


$350 (Scholarships available)
9am - 3pm, M-F
Monday, June 24, 2019 to Friday, June 28, 2019