MathBoost! +Hands on Science (grades 3-5)

One of the secrets of math success -- and even math love -- is the ability to work with numbers quickly and easily.  No one likes work that takes too long or takes too much work. So, asking a student to do a complex operation, like long division or a complicated equation, that requires many steps, feels impossible for students who are still using their fingers to add and subtract or consulting a chart for times tables.  MathBoost uses fun ways -- games, races, contests -- to push kids to become fast and fluent in their grade level math facts (and above grade level math facts if we can get there).  For many kids, learning that math can be pain-free is a revelation.  Providing that revelation in the beginning of the school years can make a huge difference in how those kids look at math.  So, we take mornings to try to grow our students' excitement for and competence in math. 

Then we put the papers away and focus on hands-on science. For this, our last science camp of the summer, we'll pull the experiments and and demonstrations that were the biggest hits over our summer of biology, chemistry, and physics camps. Because this camp will be a "greatest hits" camp, we don't know yet which specific experiements we'll do, but we'll likely cover the science spectrum from life science (growing some plants or brine shrimp) to physics (electricity, magnetism, or gravity) and chemistry (What kinds of polymers can we create and why do they behave like that?).  Students will likely create machines, circuits, structures, and slimes.  Best of all, they will learn the science behind those creations and we hope to inspire them to do more science on their own, using what they learn in camp as a launching board!

Not only will this camp be all kinds of academic fun, but students should leave the camp with a great foundation in math facts and science, the perfect fun but academic launch into the new school year. 

$350 (Scholarships available)
9 am - 3 pm (Monday - Friday)
Monday, August 12, 2019 to Friday, August 16, 2019