The V-SOURCE College Access Program

What is V-SOURCE?

V-SOURCE, which stands for Virtual Student Outreach for College Enrollment, is a free college access program that provides high school juniors with reminders (via text, email, and other "virtual" means) and online materials to help them prepare for the SAT and navigate the college application process. Students will also receive small incentives for completing important steps in the college application process.  Students will receive online SAT and college application curriculum and "virtual support" from trained college student advisors to help them use the curriculum and stay on track during the college application process.

How many students can apply?

We have recruited nearly 4,000 students in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Tulare Counties. Recruitment is currently closed for the class of 2014. We are currently looking for funding to recruit for the class of 2015.

Which students are eligible for V-SOURCE?

Students must be juniors and attend a school that meets our criteria (if you have been contacted by V-SOURCE staff, your school meets our selection criteria).  Eligible students must also meet the following criteria:

  • Have taken Algebra I.
  • Have taken (or are taking) Geometry or Algebra II.
  • Did not receive more than one D or F (semester grade) in Algebra I, 9th grade English, or 10th grade English

When are the applications due?

We are not currently accepting applications for V-SOURCE.