The V-SOURCE Research Project

How does the V-SOURCE Research Program work?

V-SOURCE is a new program, so the V-SOURCE Research Project is designed to see how well it works. The V-SOURCE Research Project is a research study conducted by UCLA Professors Meredith Phillips, Ph.D. and Sarah Reber, Ph.D.  This research study aims to understand how students go through the college application process and, if they are involved in V-SOURCE, how they use the program and how much it helps them.

Do I need my parent or guardian's permission to participate?

Yes, the application provides your parents with information about the program (in English and Spanish) and asks parents to sign a form if they agree to allow their child to participate.  Parents must sign the form for students to participate.

How many students will receive V-SOURCE and how will they be chosen?

Approximately 63% of the applicants will be randomly chose to receive V-SOURCE.  The selection process is completely random, like a lottery, and does not consider your grades, test scores, or anything you write on the application.  

What happens to students who are not seleted to participate in V-SOURCE?

Students not selected to receive V-SOURCE will go through the college application process just as they would have if we did not offer this program. They, of course, will be free to talk with their college counselors, teachers, and any other resource that they would usually draw upon for help with college applications.  We will ask these students to participate in two surveys (one in the spring of this school year, one right before they graduate) and provide them with $20 gift cards for responding to the surveys.