Read-WriteBoost! - Letters!

Some of the best success we have in getting young kids to write is asking them to write letters -- so we've built a language arts camp around letters. We'll be reading books that are made up of letters written back and forth between the characters, and then we'll try writing some of those books on our own (and doing the craft work that makes some of those books so fun!).  We'll also be asking the students to write letters: to each other (as part of letter writing games and activities), to Pen Pals that we set them up with, to family members,  to local businesses and elected officials.  We'll talk about issues and think about who they could write to in order to make improvements (their school principals? our congresspeople?). Because email is such a critical part of correspondence these days, we'll also spend some time each day teaching and practicing the basics of touch typing.  Students will all get their own account, so that they can continue to practice after the camp ends. 

We'll be working on getting students excited about reading and writing and also on basic writing skills: grammar, clarity, organization, and perhaps most importantly: making content interesting.

Basic reading/writing skills (short sentences)
$350 (Scholarships available)
9 am - 3 pm (Monday - Friday)
Monday, July 23, 2018 to Friday, July 27, 2018