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Scholarship Application

EdBoost is deeply committed to making its programs accessible to all children. We offer scholarships to low-income and moderate-income families for all services taking place at EdBoost Learning Center (unfortunately, we cannot offer scholarships for in-home services).

To apply for a scholarship, please fill out this form and attach a copy of your most recent federal tax returns (if you filled out a 1040 or 1040EZ, you only need to include copies of the first two pages of the document).  If you did not file taxes last year, please explain why in the space provided at the end of this form.  If you do not file taxes because you receive government assistance or earn less than the taxable minimum, please provide documentation of that income or that assistance.  You may be contacted by EdBoost senior staff to further discuss the situation. 

All information that you provide in this application will remain strictly confidential.  No information about your finances or financial situation will be discussed outside of EdBoost senior staff.

Based on the information that you provide, we will calculate your family's scholarship rate (which typically applies to all children in the same household).  We will notify you of the discount that you will receive on EdBoost's regular tuition.  This discount will be in effect for this school year only.  You will need to reapply next year to continue this scholarship.  

EdBoost is a nonprofit organization with limited resources.  Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide scholarships to every deserving applicant.  We appreciate your honest about your financial situation because it enables us to serve as many children as possible. 

If you prefer to print and fill out a PDF, click here: 
What Family is this Scholarship Application for?
Please name your family: "The [student's first name] [student's last name] Family." So, Ed Boost's family name would be: The Ed Boost Family
$ /month
Please write your HOUSEHOLD'scurrent TOTAL monthly income. Please include the wages, child support, alimony, unemployment, disability/SSI, business, investment and all other income of ALL members of your household.
Children in Your Household
Please list the names, ages, and grades of all children in your household (including children in college) whom you support.
Child #1
Child #2
$ /month
Please include monthly payments that are used to support those living OUTSIDE of your household. These payments may include child support, alimony, or moneys to support other relatives.
Please describe any additional circumstances that affect your family's ability to pay for EdBoost services and/or any circumstances that explain why your taxable income does not reflect your true income. If you did not include tax forms, please also use this space to explain why.
Please upload a copy of your most recent federal tax forms here.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf html odf pdf doc docx.
Please type your full name here to assert that the information included in this form is true and correct.