Patricia McCormick

From the outside, Callie seems like a normal teenager. But behind the scenes, Callie has a dangerous secret- she’s addicted to cutting herself.  Callie’s secret is safe until the school nurse sees scars on Callie's arm and contacts her parents. Callie is then sent to a residential treatment facility, Sea Pines, filled with girls of various disorders. The girls in Callie’s group therapy class have problems ranging from anorexia to substance abuse, but no one else self-mutilates like Callie.  That is until Amanda comes. Before Amanda came to the treatment facility, Callie did not talk in group therapy, and no one but the staff members knew why Callie was at Sea Pines. But shortly after Amanda’s arrival, Callie begins to open up to her doctor, and the reasons behind Callie’s dangerous addition are confronted head on. Callie eventually begins to talk in group therapy, as well as makes new friends, and she learns that in order to get help from others, she needs to want the help. “Cut” is a sensitive portrayal of Callie’s mental illness and her difficult path to recovery. 

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