How's your geography?

Submitted by Tiffani on Thu, 04/16/2020 - 10:48

At EdBoost, we often find that our students (even our middle school and high school students) have no understanding of geography (when they don't know that the colonists would have had to take a boat to come from English to America, we're in trouble!).

Most American adults learned the 50 states and capitals in grade school, do you still remember them?  Can you locate all of the European countries?  What about all the countries in Africa and South America?  It's no fun to stare at a globe, but it is pretty fun to see how well (or not well) you know your geography online.  Compete against your friends!

This site has a very easy and simple interface that we love (great for states, capitals, and countries and capitals around the world!):

There are also some very fun games here (though they require Flash which can be annoying):

Although we're locked in, the world is more globalized than ever.  See how well you're prepared!