Summer Enrichment Day Camps

Although we love summers for vacations and days at the beach, it's also a great time to catch up, keep up, and leap ahead academically.  EdBoost enrichment day camps are intense, fun, and productive.  Students learn new skills, practice old skills, and do a lot of academic work.   

At EdBoost we believe that learning should be fun, but also that a lot of learning --  especially math -- must be explicit.  So, we teach and practice academic materials explicitly (rather than trying to have students "absorb" math through science or other curriculum).  Although there are active and hands-on parts of all of our camps, all of our camps have a strong academic slant and prioritize learning.  In past years, students have finished their camps feeling like they have worked hard and learned a lot -- but also like they've had a good time doing it (and have met some great students from other schools, too!).

All camps run from 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday (except for the CollegeBoost! Workshop which is just two days).

We can offer after-care (from 3pm-5:30pm) for an additional $100/week, but we need at least two children to sign up for any particular week.  Please let us know if you are looking for after-care and we will try to make it happen (we will tailor after-care activities to the ages of the students enrolled each week). 

There are scholarships available for all camps and workshops (submit a scholarship form for your family's rate).

We require full payment at the time of enrollment. Enrollment ends Friday, June 1, 2018. We may cancel camps that are under-enrolled but will do so shortly after enrollment closes so you will have at least 2-weeks notice. Camps must have at least 6 students enrolled or they will be canceled. Any enrolled students will receive a full refund for any camps cancelled due to low enrollment. 

The maximum enrollment in any camp is 10 students. 

See list of 2018 Summer Enrichment Day Camps below