Comparing Fractions: Basic (Unit Fractions)

Common Core Grade Level: 
Packet includes: 
72 practice problems and an answer key.


This packet helps students practice comparing unit fractions (fractions with a 1 in the numerator) and using the signs for comparing numbers (<,>, and =). Each page has a random set of 12 problems. Problems help students understand conceptually that one half is larger than one twelfth. Each page also has a speed and accuracy guide, to help students see how fast and how accurately they should be doing these problems. After doing all 72 problems, students should have a stronger understanding of unit fractions.

Sample Problem(s): 

Compare the fractions. Add: > or < or = between the fractions.



The answer key just shows the direction that the greater than/less than sign will be facing in a correctly done problem. The first page of each packet is available for viewing by clicking on the image on the right.

Downloadable File(s): 
Comparing Fractions Basic Unit Fractions.pdf
Comparing Fractions Basic Unit Fractions Answer Key.pdf
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