Computation with Polynomials: Addition and Subtraction

Common Core Grade Level:
Packet includes:
30 practice problems and an answer key.

This packet helps students understand how to add and subtract polynomials.  Adding and subtracting polynomials can look complicated, but it is basically just a matter of carefully combining like terms.  Students should make sure to pay attention to positive and negative signs and powers (exponents) on variables.

Each page starts with easier problems that get more difficult as students work through the packet. After doing all 30 problems, students should be more comfortable doing these problems and have a clear understanding of how to solve them. 

Sample Problem(s)

Find the sum or difference of each problem.


$(x²+x+5) + (x²+2x+3)  $


$(x²-3x-15) - (-x²+-21x+30)$


Practice problems require knowledge of addition and subtraction of integers.

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