Computation with Polynomials: Special Products

Common Core Grade Level: 
Packet includes: 
24 practice problems and an answer key.

This packet helps students understand the different special products of polynomials.  When multiplying polynomials, there are several special products patterns that it is helpful to know: sum of two squares, difference of two squares, product of a sumer and difference (pattern names vary by textbook and teacher).  This packet tests students' skills in working with those special products.

Each page starts with easier problems that get more difficult as students work through the packet. After doing all 24 problems, students should be more comfortable doing these problems and have a clear understanding of the different special product patterns. 

Sample Problem(s): 

Use a special product patterns to multiply polynomials.  


$(x+5)² $ 


$(2x-3)(2x+3) $


Practice problems require knowledge of addition, subtraction, and multiplication of integers. View the first page of the packet above.

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Factoring Special Products.pdf
Factoring Special Products Answer Key.pdf
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