Counting by 10s: Multiples of 10

Common Core Grade Level:
Packet includes:
36 practice problems and an answer key.


This packet helps students practice a core number sense skill: counting by 10s. This packet focuses on the easiest type of counting by 10s: starting with multiples of 10. The packet includes a range of problems, asking students to count by 10s, starting with a particular multiple of 10. Each set asks students to count the next 10 multiples of 10. This packet helps students understand how to count by 10s and how to multiply by 10s. So, the packet is good for first grade students learning to count by 10s. It's also great for second and third graders learning who are learning how to multiply (counting by multiples is a great way to start learning times tables!) 

Sample Problem(s)

Complete the counting tables.  

Simple: Count by 10 from 10 to 100.  

Advanced: Count by 10 from 650 to 740. 


Problems are well spaced so that young children have enough room to write.

Practice type: