Counting Coins

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Packet includes:
36 practice problems and an answer key.

These packets help students how to count coins.  Each packet shows a variety of sets of coins (using realistic pictures to help students learn to identify the coin by sight).  Some sets are single coins and more difficult set involve multiple types of coins, pushing students to count by different multiples in order to find totals.

These packets not only help students learn how to count coins but them help them improve thier number sense and addition skills. They help students count by multiples and count by multiples from a variety of different starting points (most students can count by 10s if they start at 10, but many need extra practice when they have to start at different numbers like 25 or 47).

If your student is just learning count with numbers, start with the packets that focus on one coin (ideally one of a multiple like 5 of 10 that the student already knows how to count).  Then work up to the mixed packets.  This practice is most effective when it is combined with counting real coins in real purchasing situations!


Practice problems require students to know how much coins are worth.

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