Decimal Division Repeating Decimals

Common Core Grade Level:
Packet includes:
26 practice problems and an answer key.


This packet helps students practice long division problems for which they need to create a decimal answer. The problems are short, and use relatively small numbers. They are designed to help students transition from writing quotients with remainders to writing quotients with decimals. None of the problems are difficult, but they do provide good practice in adding decimal points and extra zeros to generate answers. All of the problems have answers with repeating decimals. So, they also give students practice recognizing repeating answers, and using the bar notation to indicate that decimals repeat. 

Sample Problem(s)

Find the quotient.  

Simple: 52/15 (click image to see how problems are formatted in the worksheet!)  

Advanced: 3/11 


Practice problems require knowledge of long division.

Practice type: