Letters - Print Practice - Letters and Words

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Packet includes:
8 pages of printing practice, starting with letters and moving to words. Each packet focuses on two consecutive letters (A & B, C & D, E & F, etc). There are approximately 4 lines of lettering per page (4 pages per letter).

These packets helps students practice printing by having students practice upper case and lower case letters, common words that start with each letter, and sight words that start with each letter. We chose sight words from sight word lists 1 and 2 (occasionally choosing one or two sight words from harder lists if there are not enough sight words in the first two lists that begin with the letter being practiced (and for rare letters, like x, we choose common words and sight words that contain the letter).

Lines (including center-dotted lines) are included to help students write letters correctly (and at the correct height). Each set of words begins with gray words that students can trace before beginning to write the letters on their own.

In each packet: Page 1 (shown above) is for practicing upper and lower case letters. Page 2 (show above) is for writing common words that begin with the letter (represented by a picture). Pages 3 and 4 focus on sight words that begin with the letter. (Each packet contains these pages for both letters.) 


This packet is for students in preschool or kindergarten who need to practice forming letters but have decent pencil control. This practice is designed for student who need more independent practice than tracing practice. For younger students (or students who are just learning to write) also look at our printing packets for preschool students, which feature lines that are spaced farther apart (for bigger letters) and more tracing (over solid and dotted example letters and words).

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