Math Symbols & Vocabulary: Write Number Sentences (Addition and Subtraction)

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Packet includes: 54 practice problems.


Description: This packet provides practice using addition (+) and subtraction (-) symbols and understanding when to use addition and subtraction. The first 44 problems are addition and subtraction facts (up to 20) with the symbol missing. Students must fill in the missing symbol. The last 10 problems are word problems that ask students to write and solve simple number sentences (and recognize key phrases that signal addition or subtraction (e.g., "in all," "all together," "the difference," "more than"). 

Sample Problem(s): 

 Read the number sentences. In the blank, write the symbol (+ or - ) that makes the sentence correct. 4 ___ 5 = 9 17 ___ 12 = 5 Read the word problems below. Write the number sentence that you would use to solve the problem. Solve. 

You got a 9 on a spelling test. Your best friend got a 7.

What is the difference between your two scores? 


Students should know basic addition and subtraction facts (to 20) to complete these problems. Students should be able to read at grade level to complete the word problems. The first page of each packet is available for viewing by clicking on the image on the right.

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MATH SYMBOLS & VOCABULARY - write number sentences - addition and subtraction.pdf
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