Missing Numbers

Common Core Grade Level: 
Packet includes: 
108 practice problems and an answer key.


Description: This packet helps students practice a core number sense skill: counting! The packet contains a range of problems that present three consecutive numbers, with either the middle number missing, or only the middle number showing. Students must insert the missing numbers, practicing their counting skills. This packet helps students practice counting the numbers between 0 and 10, between 0 and 100, or between 0 and 1,000. 

Sample Problem(s): 

Simple:  Write the number that belongs between the given numbers. 3 __ 4  

Advanced:  Write the numbers that belong before and after the given number. __ 9 __ 

Downloadable File(s): 
Missing Numbers up to 10.pdf
Missing Numbers up to 10 Answer Key.pdf
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