Monster Reading Comprehension Packet

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Reading comprehension packet and answer key for: Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Summary: Monster is a first person narrative by a teenager named Steven. Steven is going through a trial for a murder committed in the process of a robbery. Steven decides to document his experience of the trial as a movie and Monster is written as a screenplay (written by Steven). The story not only shows the trial but delves into Stevens reflections on himself and his behavior during his trial.

Reading level: 8th grade.

Themes: crime, guilt, how other people view you and your actions, the legal system, movies and screenplays, turning your life around.

Audience: The unique screenplay format of this book tends to attract reluctant readers (although it's critical to make sure that readers understand the very first few pages, so that they understand the set up of the story). The book reads "real" to students who are struggling with crime issues (themselves, in their schools, and in their families) but also to students who are just interested in worlds and lives that they do not know much about.

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