Multiplying and Dividing Integers

Common Core Grade Level:
Packet includes:
300 practice problems and an answer key.


Description: This packet helps students practice multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers (a skill that is essential for algebra and is very often challenging for students!). This worksheet focuses just on numbers between -12 and 12, so students just need to know their times tables (through 12) and their division facts (up through 12 as a divisor) and what to do with negative numbers. We consider these pages to be drills. We push students to finish them quickly, and make them repeat worksheets until they can do them with 100% accuracy. 

Sample Problem(s)

Find the product or quotient. 

 $-5 \times 12 =$

 $63 \div -7 = $


We encourage all students to have a full understanding of how negative numbers work before attempting these drills. We also encourage all students entering algebra to be able to complete these drills with 100% accuracy, in less than 5 minutes per page.

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