My Dog, My Hero Reading Comprehension Packet

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Reading comprehension packet and answer key for: My Dog, My Hero by Betsy Byars.

Summary: My Dog, My Hero is a set of eight stories, submitted for a fictional contest for the most heroic dog. Eight different characters write short stories describing their dog's heroism (acts which range from rescuing owners, to rescuing other pets, to simply saving someone through love and affection). Stories are short and compelling. Book is illustrated. Overall, great for kids who love stories about animals and/or need a book that isn't too long.

Reading level: 4th grade.

Themes: dogs, pets, heroes, friendship.

Audience: This is a thin book with a lot of illustrations. It looks like an easier book than it is. Although it is a 4th grade reading level book it looks easier than a chapter book and is broken down into 8 short stories. So, it's a great book for reluctant readers or students who are discouraged by long books. Although they are short, the stories are good ones and especially good for kids who like stories about animals.

Note: One dog rescues his owner after the owner has a chain saw accident. Two paragraphs are a little graphic.

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