Number Sense: Number Sentences (10 More Than/10 Less Than)

Common Core Grade Level:

Packet includes: 48 practice problems.

Once students develop basic number sense, they can easily equate counting by 10s with basic math problems, such as figuring out that 10 less than 70 is 60 and 10 more than 23 is 33. In fact, learning to quickly compute "10 more than" and "10 less than" is critical to fully understanding our base-10 number system. Some students need practice combining their counting skills with their understanding of number sentences and math problems. This pack provides that practice by asking students to find "10 more than" and "10 less than" a series of numbers. 

Sample Problem(s)

Write the number that is the answer to each of the number sentences. 

What is 10 more than 88? What is 10 less than 12?

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