Times Table Sprints: 40 Problems (1-10)

Common Core Grade Level:
Packet includes:
10 Sprints, 40 problems each, containing times table problems, using numbers 1-10.

Times tables are one of the most fundamental mathematical building blocks. Students who know their times tables and can compute them quickly and accurately find that they have a much easier time with harder math, from long division to fractions, to algebra, than their classmates who have to think about simple multiplication.  This packet helps students test their time table skills -- and adds a "race" to make the process of practicing times tables a little more fun.  And, because race scores take both speed and accuracy into account, they help students strive to improve in both of these important parts of times table mastery.

Each page has a random set of 40 problems. Teachers or parents should give students a set amount of time to complete the page (two minutes for 40 problems is an excellent time; three minutes for 40 problems is a good time).

Students complete as many problems as possible within the time allotted. The graphic at the bottom of the page has students subtract a point for every problem missed and every problem not completed. The student with the highest final score wins the race (or students can compete against themselves for "personal best" sprint times.

Practice type: