Vowels: Soft Vowels Practice Packet

Common Core Grade Level: 

Packet includes: 18 pages of practice (3 pages for each vowel (a, e, i, o u) and three pages of mixed practice including all 5 vowels.

Description: This packet contains two different activities to help students identify the soft (or short) vowel sounds in words and write the corresponding vowel. Students are asked to look at picture of common items and write the correct soft vowel (the first worksheets just ask students to write a specific vowel if that vowel applies, the mixed review worksheets at the end ask students to identify and write all vowels). For each vowel, students are also asked to write words that rhyme with other word words that use the same soft vowel (for instance, what are two words that rhyme with "tub?"). Worksheets show pictures and the words that correspond with those pictures, missing just the soft vowel that students are supposed to identify. We include both pictures and words (minus one letter) in order to assist adult helpers in identifying pictures and to help children learn what entire words look like.

Grade level: Packet is designed for students just learning sounds: Preschool-1st grade. Students who are ready to move beyond this level of worksheet should be able to do all pages very quickly and easily. This packet focuses on soft or short vowels (such as the "a" in "cat"). Next, students should work on long vowels (such as the "a" in "cake").

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