Word Problems: Addition with Carrying (Up to 3 Digits)

Common Core Grade Level: 
Packet includes: 
12 word problems and an answer key that shows the number sentence used to solve the word problem and the answer (with units).


Description: This packet helps students learn to read word problems and decide if they should use addition to solve the problems. Word problems give students practice recognizing key words that indicate addition (e.g., in total, in all, more, etc.). All problems use numbers up to 3 digits and students should be able to easily complete the math once they decide on the number sentence they should use. 

Sample Problem(s): 

Solve the word problems. Please show all of your work. Use labels in your answers.  

Simple: If Jack makes 24 brownies, and Nick brings 47 brownies, how many brownies are there in all?  

Advanced: Jack took 489 pictures on his camera, and Erin took 563 pictures, how many pictures did they take together? 


Students should be able to read at grade level and know how to add numbers with carrying in order to complete these word problems independently.

Downloadable File(s): 
WORD PROBLEMS Addition With Carrying _Up to 3 digits.pdf
WORD PROBLEMS Addition With Carrying _up to 3 digits_ ANSWER KEY.pdf