Word Problems: Basic Division (Single Digit Divisor - no remainders)

Common Core Grade Level: 

Packet includes: 10 word problems and an answer key that shows the number sentence used to solve the word problem and the answer (with units).

Description: This packet helps students learn to read word problems and use long division to solve the problems. Word problems give students practice recognizing key words that indicate division (e.g., each, etc.). All problems use long division with single digit divisors and no remainders. 

Sample Problem(s): 

Solve the word problems. Please show all of your work. Use labels in your answers.  

Simple: Phillip and Karl want to share a pack of Starbursts. If there are 18 in each pack, how many Starbursts will each boy get?  

Advanced: A basketball team of 5 boys must sell 60 tickets in all in order for the team to receive a new basketball. How many tickets must each person sell to get the new basketball?


Students should be able to read at grade level and know how to divide using long division to be able to complete these word problems independently.

Downloadable File(s): 
Word Problems Division - without remainders - Basic.pdf
Word Problems Division - without remainders - Basic ANSWER KEY.pdf