Writing Prompts: General Topics #3

Description: Packet includes: over 20 writing prompts on a wide range of topics. Sometimes the hardest part of getting students to write is helping them figure out what to write about. This worksheet includes over 20 writing prompts ranging from questions on everyday life activities, to topics that are pure fantasy. Although some topics are simple descriptive prompts, many can be assigned for persuasive essays, descriptive pieces, or expository writing. Most can be used for paragraphs or longer 3-paragraph, 4-paragraph, or even 5-paragraph essays. Click on the image to see the types essay topics in this worksheet (the actual worksheet pictured is "Writing Prompts - General Topics #1)." 


This packet includes a wide range of writing prompts. Not all prompts are appropriate for all students but any student in grades 3-8 should be able to find a writable topic here.

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Writing Prompts - General Topics #3.pdf
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