MathBoost! + Forensic Science (grades 3-6)

One of the key struggles of the upper elementary grades is mastering advanced computation, including long multiplication and long division.  Students know HOW these processes work, but many struggle to master them, which leads to incorrect answers in pre-algebra and algebra.  And, although most adults will bust out a calculator for long division problems, the SAT now contains a no-calculator section, so every high school student should be proficient in doing math by hand. 

This camp spends its mornings focusing on the details of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with whole numbers.  Students should be able to understand how all of these processes work and be able to deploy the correct algorithms to get accurate answers efficiently.  With some review and practice -- the focus on our mornings -- every student should leave this camp feeling ready to tackle middle and high school math. For students who master these processes, we'll get started with decimals and fractions.

After lunch, we will explore forensic science!  Apparently, there's been a murder at EdBoost!  Students will employ a range of forensic science techniques (including fingerprint collection and analysis, blood sample collection and analysis, fiber collection and analysis, projectile trajectory analysis) and build and study a case history in order to solve the murder mystery by the end of the week.  Will our amateur investigators make the streets of Palms safe again?  Students will also practice using logic and gathering clues needed to solve crimes.

Sign up using the links below.  You can also sign up for aftercare (3pm-6pm). You can sign up for the week ($100) or for a few days (you can let us know which days on your form, or closer to the date of the camp).

Know times tables
$350 (Scholarships available)
9 am - 3 pm (Monday - Friday)
Monday, June 14, 2021 to Friday, June 18, 2021