PhysicsBoost! Focus on Astronomy

Building huge bridges.Physics is sometimes called the philosophy of science.  It's abstract and mathematical and hard for a lot of people. But the concepts behind physics (force, acceleration, friction, etc.) are the forces that make our everyday world work (or fall in on itself).  And, Astronomy is one of the facets of physics that most people are enthralled by.

This course will teach students to use math, physics, and hands-on activities to learn how things work.  They will experiement with simple machines like pulleys, put forces to work in mechanisms like "air cannons," and explore space. As they create and explore, students will build their math skills and their understanding of how and why to use formulae as they apply concepts and ideas with their hands and basic materials.

This class is taking the new Mars rover as a starting point to learn about space: what does the solar system look like?  How do we study it?  How does the sun work?  What does it look like (no, you should never look straight at the sun, but with the right equipment, you can study it safely!)? And, once we get a grip on our solar system, what's beyond?  What are the theories?  And what do current explorations look like? 

Sign up using the links below.  You can also sign up for aftercare (3pm-6pm). You can sign up for the week ($100) or for a few days (you can let us know which days on your form, or closer to the date of the camp).

$350 (Scholarships available)
9am - 3pm, M-F
Monday, August 9, 2021 to Friday, August 13, 2021