SAT/PSAT Prep Camp

As we've worked on prep for the NEW PSAT and SAT, we've found that many of the our students need some critical, general skills:

  • Facility with a wide range of algebra skills (including: rearranging equations; applying several different algebra skills -- taught in different contexts-- in one problem; and applying algebra rules without knowing, for certain, how they will arrive at a final answer).
  • Lots of practice with word problems: How to set up equations? How to determine what kinds of equations and operations are required for different problems?
  • How to proof-read and read for content at the same time?
  • How to read and analyze a passage for content, rhetorical and literary devices, and specific details and inferences?

All of these skills are skills that students can use generally to be successful in school and life -- and they are all especially applicable to the new PSAT and SAT.

This class will cover both sections of the NEW SAT (Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics). It will focus on the skills above, general test-taking strategies, as well as skills and strategies specific to New SAT content.

We will work on the skills above both in general and in the context of real SAT questions, passages, and essay prompts. We will work through the "basic" problems that most students should be able to figure out and push through "challenge" problems as a group. 

This class is designed for younger students, trying to build a foundation for SAT (and learning advanced skills within the framework of thinking like an SAT taker), not for students who are preparing to take the Fall SAT administration.  The ideal student for this class is a student who has not yet taken an SAT or PSAT but wants to start thinking "like a test-taker" and building the advanced critical thinking skills that a strong SAT score requires. 

This class also has a significant amount of overlap with the Upper ISEE, so students who are working to improve test-taking and academic skills in preparation for the fall ISEE should also consider this course. All students will receive full access to our SAT STAT online curriculum (and their subscription to the site will continue through the school year so that they can continue to practice and expand their skills). 

Completion of Algebra I course in school OR AlgebraBoost! Camp
$400 (Scholarships available)
9 am - 3 pm (Monday - Friday)
Monday, July 26, 2021 to Friday, July 30, 2021